Corporate & Transactional

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The firm has an active corporate practice and advises corporations and other entities in those matters which regularly arise regarding the conduct and operations of the corporations’s business affairs. Allen Summers assists with formation of entities that best serve the needs of the client, and provides counsel regarding acquisition, transfers, stock and asset sales, buy/sell agreements and for winding down corporate and partnership entities. It provides guidance in the negotiation of contracts that protect the interests of its clients in a variety of transactional settings, including licensing, franchising, sales agreements and investor disputes. The firm's corporate services complement its employment and business litigation services to provide a single source for all of a client's general business needs.

Municipal Corporations, Utilities And Authorities

The firm represents one of the largest counties in Tennessee, and has experience with Section 1983 Civil Rights complaints, shootings and similar cases that routinely arise in an urban setting.

In addition to its municipal work, the firm provides advice and representation to several large West Tennessee utilities in regulatory, labor, employment and contract issues.

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Leasing and Franchise

Allen Summers also has an active practice in the negotiating, formation and interpretation of commercial leases. The firm represents one of the largest real estate companies in the world in landlord/tenant and commercial disputes throughout west Tennessee. It also assists and represents real estate management companies in commercial and residential disputes, and assists tenants who are negotiating leases in commercial spaces.

In addition, the firm represents several large restaurant franchisees with hundreds of stores in eight states, and assists with structuring the purchase of additional stores, acquisitions, sales, leases, and negotiating with sellers and buyers of franchised stores. It provides guidance for the commercial contracts that the franchisee and its individual stores negotiate for vendor services, and represents the franchisee in any disputes that arise in the conduct of its business, including contract, liability, construction, labor and employment.