Cases of Note

Significant decisions.

Lake v. Memphis Landsmen, L.L.C,.2010 Tenn. App. LEXIS 200; CCH Prod. Liab. Rep. P18,394, Reversed at 2011 Tenn. Lexis 312 (March 24, 2011)

March 24th, 2011

PROCEDURAL POSTURE: Appellants, a passenger and his wife, appealed from the Circuit Court for Shelby County, Tennessee, in a negligence and products liability case. The passenger was injured when the bus he was riding in collided with a concrete truck. In appellants' suit against appellees--a bus manufacturer, the bus owner, and a franchisor--the jury found that appellants had suffered $ 8,543,630 in damages, but found that none of the appellees were at fault. read more »